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Our mission is to show you the possibilities for living a better lifestyle, and help you get what you want in Lancaster County, PA.

Matching Lancaster was born out of the desire to show the world what it’s like to live in Lancaster, PA. Our vision is to be the trusted resource for people looking to improve their living situation in Lancaster, PA. 

The approach we are taking is to educate/entertain people like you looking to learn more about Living in Lancaster by highlighting 

  1. Neighborhoods, towns, and the greater county area to help them see where you might want to live; 
  2. What amenities are available to help you improve your lifestyle and get what you want
  3. Where you might find great food spots and markets for what you enjoy or want to experience 
  4. How you can enrich your life doing what you love!
  5. Information on the real estate market and showing you what we offer to help guide you when selling or buying a home.

In our opinion, the diversity in people, places, and cultures present in Lancaster, PA is a strong attraction for people to choose to live, work, shop, eat and play here. 

As Realtors® with EXP Realty based in Lancaster, we make our living guiding you through the real estate transaction process. The focus of is centered around real estate and information that will help you make better decisions during your relocation. Whether your journey is a) bringing you to Lancaster, PA from elsewhere, b) to relocate within the area to improve your situation, or c) moving away from the county to begin another chapter somewhere else, we are an experienced resource to help you!

Our primary medium to achieve our mission is with video. What better way to show what life is like here? As creators, we understand the magnitude of the project and are committed to developing the site/content over the long-term by engaging with the greater community, collaboration with other creators, and having fun doing what we love. If you want to receive regular updates, subscribe below to get exclusive access.

We’re not a news channel or visitors center, however we recognize that our content will introduce new places and things to do for people who aren’t necessarily interested in making a move and we welcome you! We collaborate on the content for with other businesses, professionals, organizations, and individuals that have a love for Lancaster and want to share in our mission.

We believe that a rising tide raises ALL boats and every family should feel confident when buying and selling a home. We’re here to help you find your perfect match!


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Janet and Chuck are very knowledgeable about properties and property values in our area, and so easy to work with. They go above & beyond with helping to explain the whole sale and/or purchase process, as well as, the mass of paperwork that goes along with the process.
Also, they are so well connected in the area that they can hook you up with good people for all of your related needs such as inspectors, remodelers, roofers, etc. Definitely a great team to have in your corner for either selling or buying a house. <3
Cynthia Swank

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