Thankful in Lancaster, PA

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Being grateful is one of my core values. It’s  something I instill in my 12 year old son.

As I reflect back on my past, I think it’s because my father instilled into me the value of gratitude while I was growing up. You see, he was the tenth child born in a family of 11 children. They didn’t have a whole lot growing up.

So today I ask myself, what’s the difference between being grateful and giving thanks?

Well, according to the Oxford Dictionary, the word grateful is “showing an appreciation of kindness.”

Being thankful is a feeling and being grateful is an action.

“It’s easy for us to look around the Thanksgiving table and say that we are thankful.”

My father served in the Army and I was blessed to be born in Nuremberg Germany. As it goes for military families, we moved back and forth between the US and Europe. All told, I ended up living in Germany for about 10 years.

Living that kind of lifestyle, with other Americans overseas, itself is a subculture. I had a wonderful childhood and growing up in that kind of environment shapes you.

I’m very grateful for this.

Still, I longed for a more stable community.

Chuck grew up in New Holland where everyone knows everyone. When we moved to Lancaster 9.5 years ago, I was SO happy to place roots down for my son!

I love the idea that he could have a friend in High School and be able to say, “I knew them from elementary.” So cool!

I could never say that.

I guess that is why I’m so passionate about being a part of a community… Our Lancaster community.

In 2017, Chuck & I founded the Rockstar Connect Lancaster group & monthly business networking event. In 2019, we joined The Candy Factory CoWorking community. I’ve volunteered many times and try to give as much as I can by supporting women in business, etc. Recently, I became a coordinator for a women’s group called Red Rose Coffee Connections.

So today, I feel So Thankful!

I have a Beautiful community and I’ve made lifelong friends. I want to thank you for Welcoming us and we look forward to continuing to supporting each other.

If you were born and raised in Lancaster, don’t take that for granted. Lancaster is wonderful & giving and we are happy to call it Home.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! XOXO

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