As the Christmas holiday quickly approaches, we’ve had some time to reflect on the year in business and in life… It also made me look over my shoulder to see the path traveled.

It’s been a journey…plenty of turns, ups and downs. Bridges needed to be built and we had to retrace some of our steps, but the path is full of unforgettable experiences which have created who we are today.

You see, Janet and I had walked separate paths in our careers up until 2020. Although, yes, we’ve both been in real estate since the early 2000’s (before the crash), we’ve just had a different focus.

I’m the investor.

She’s the Realtor®.

Those were the labels and identities we gave ourselves to help answer the question “What do you do?” Sounds like a perfect match right?

Well, you be the judge…

I cut my teeth on identifying situations where selling real estate would provide an outcome that could solve a potential seller’s problem. Some were pretty stressful and urgent situations.

Sure, I’ve purchased my share of bank owned foreclosure properties, but I get a lot of personal satisfaction helping someone who needs some peace of mind. Anything from inheriting a house you’re not able to handle, going through a divorce, facing a tax sale, or needing funds for other issues like health & family. An investor solution is best suited for urgent situations and creative solutions.

The cool part about what we do is that there are many options available when it comes to real estate. Each situation is unique… different properties, different financial scenarios, different players involved.

Knowledge and creativity are a must!

Janet learned how to adapt to changes in her career as technology has forever changed the face of real estate. She’s helped both seller and buyer clients get what they want. Be it top dollar from a fast, smooth transaction while guiding a seller through the journey to a new lifestyle in a new house. Or it’s the excitement of helping a buyer find “the perfect match for them” and navigating the potential pitfalls that each deal may encounter.

It’s hugely important to understand what’s important to each person.

1+1 > 2

As a degreed engineer, it looks funny to see the math equation written that way. Working together, we are able to put our heads (and hearts) together to find solutions that are significantly better than our own ideas separately.

Many people say the real estate industry is competitive, or “cut-throat”. We disagree on that based on principle. It’s very collaborative!

Each successful transaction is a collaboration of multiple people coming together with a common goal. Success is dependent on the knowledge, skills, and actions of everybody involved.

As I’ve been involved as an agent in transactions over the past 2 years, I think we look at this business differently than many of the other agents… and I’m not knocking them, please don’t get me wrong.

The realization is this…

We’re doing this little thing called life…together. All of us…on our own paths. Sometimes we join together on the journey for a time, and it gets better. Maybe we’re wearing different glasses, because it’s a different lens we’re looking through, but here’s how we see it…

We want to understand what your goals are and help you on the journey to live the life you’re hoping for.

It’s why we Rockstar Connect…

It’s based on our experiences…

It’s because of the great people we have in our lives…

It’s the premise of Matching Lancaster…

It’s what we all want…

To live life well.

Let’s start where we specialize, at your home base. Even if your plan to move or upgrade isn’t immediate, we’d be happy to discuss your goals and your plan, to see if there might be any other options to consider.

On the other hand, maybe someone you know is stuck and needs help to find a way out.

Not every agent is able to provide options; some haven’t had the need to be creative. Real estate is an investment… Every transaction comes down to a math equation, and no two are exactly the same. Having a plan in place can help you get where you want to go faster.

Know someone who wants to quickly figure out what to do with a property situation? We can discuss multiple options and run the calculations to show you what moves are available.

Are you thinking about doing some renovations? Let’s take a look at what you want to do and see how it may affect your home’s value and desirability to the market.

Looking to connect with good people in business? Helping people connect with our network is what we enjoy.

We’re here to help you choose good moves and ‘match you up’ with great people to help you live life well.

We’re excited for us all… our Lancaster community.

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