2005 was the year I got my real estate license.

Those were the days where every purchase contract had carbon copies… you know, the white top sheet and then the pink and yellow transfer copies underneath? We would “blast” out a fax of our new listings to all of the local real estate brokerage offices and we even had to print out directions from MapQuest to know how to get to the next showing until GPS became mainstream.

Wow, it’s so much more convenient being an agent nowadays… yet it’s still not easy! Lol

The moment digital signatures became a thing, I was all over it!

“You mean my clients can sign with a click of a mouse and receive a digital copy on the spot?”

Yes please!

From then on, I was hooked to welcome technology in my business to make it easier for my clients. As soon as we were able to screen record, I made videos going over documents for signatures, explaining a property’s comparative market analysis, and shared videos answering any questions that they may be have. Buyers and sellers could watch it anytime, and as many times as they wanted.

Fast forward to 2017…

I learned that we can record videos with a 360 lens and even upload it into YouTube. Heck yeah! What better way to give our buyers an idea of what the Neighborhood looks like, how the Layout and Dimensions of the home flows and feels, and show the Condition of the home…All from the comfort of their couch!

Now, of course, you can’t smell the home… but we’re there talking to you in the video, letting you know if it smells like fresh paint, cigarettes or dog/cat….I got attacked by a cat once during a showing (which is actually a funny story)!

While our buyers are busy working their 9-5, we’re sending them Virtual Reality Video Tours of homes to help them narrow down the list to the one’s they REALLY want to see in person.

Believe me, you just can’t trust the listing photos!

This Virtual Realty House Hunting Program I created ended up being so helpful. Not only to local buyers, we are able to help a lot of ‘out-of-town buyers’ too, and it became super convenient during the height of the pandemic.

Now for some Exciting News…[drumroll please!]

We’ve teamed up with Home Vision AR!  They have created the ONLY Nationwide Augmented Reality platform for real estate!

In a nutshell, when a buyer tours one of our listings, they have the option to grab one of the provided iPad minis, open up the pre-loaded HomeVisionAR app, carry it with them to select augmented reality icons and shapes on the screen. These AR elements are used to highlight the home’s features of interest! We can truly showcase a home in a much more detailed way by linking videos, photos, audio files, and text based information. We can enhance the showing experience by providing supplemental information highlighting the unique features of the home.

How cool is that?!

In a couple of weeks we’re listing a home for around 1.2 million. The kitchen of this home has beautiful wood beams…. “Pretty cool, so what?”

To a buyer they’re just nice wood beams…but when they use our AR HomeVision tour, they will learn that those wood beams were from the bank barn behind the house from the 1800’s. They will tour at their own leisure learning all about the unique features of the home in an interactive experience, which is so much better then just having all the information in the MLS.

So yeah, Chuck and I are pumped!

Have any questions about our new AR Tours? We’d love to share!

Know anyone looking to sell? We’re excited to help!

Are you an agent wanting to know more about eXp Realty and the access to be able to team up with Home Vision AR? We can make that happen!

Happy to Connect and Happy to Help! XO

P.S.- From Home Vision AR:

“Did you Know? 66% of consumers are likely to purchase a branded AR experience.
There is a 70% better memory recall compared to other non AR content.
There is a 90% increase in conversion rate for AR engaged consumers.”

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